Linda Vaughn, Inc.

Linda Vaughn, Inc.

Succeeding in business. Succeeding in customer service. Succeeding in life. Success is all about people. Understanding ourselves and those around us. Respecting others. Managing businesses, organizations and teams effectively. Motivating co-workers. Helping people perform at their peak. Addressing and working through conflicts. This is how businesses, organizations and relationships flourish, grow and succeed.


Linda Vaughn, Inc. is a people-focused practice that helps customer service representatives, business developers, team leaders, project managers, utility officials and supervisors learn, cultivate and practice the skills they need to succeed.


This includes:


· Coaching and training skills that give people the freedom to explore, learn and grow,

· Business analysis that creates the foundation for strong, healthy, effectual organizations,

· Business development skills that help you meet sales goals, improve your business’s bottom line and ultimately increase revenues,

· Training in personality preferences and conflict behavior that builds trust, fosters relationships and strengthens teams,

· Process mapping that challenges the mundane and encourages dialogue and collaboration,

· Facilitation that helps groups successfully manage meetings and achieve objectives, and

· Management skills that empower employees and build strong companies, teams, utilities and organizations.