Linda Vaughn, Inc.

Working With People

Linda Vaughn, Inc. helps people cultivate the skills they need to succeed. The organization specializes in clearly identifying training needs and implementing the training methods that best meet those needs.


This results in improved employee performance, a more efficient and cogent operation, effective knowledge-sharing and collaboration, and a common sense of purpose among staff.


Linda Vaughn, Inc. offers the following services:


Customized Training Programs


Customized training programs begin with an assessment of an organization’s service delivery, include in-depth reporting and analysis, and conclude with a comprehensive training program that meets the unique needs of your staff and/or organization.


Customer Service Certification


Linda Vaughn, Inc. is one of the few companies in the U.S. qualified to offer the American Water Works Association’s (AWWA) Customer Service Representative Certification training. This nationally recognized course teaches fundamental principles and techniques for customer service recognition, including professionalism, communication, call management, stress management and more.


Myers-Briggs, Conflict Dynamic Profile, Kirton Adaptive-Innovative Theory


Understanding yourself is critical to successfully managing your behavior at work, at home and at play. Linda Vaughn, Inc. uses highly effective, time-tested tools that can enrich your life—and the lives of your coworkers and customers—through self-knowledge and self-understanding. These tools include the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, the Conflict Dynamic Profile, and the Kirton Adaptive-Innovative Theory.




Facilitation helps groups successfully manage meetings and achieve objectives. Linda Vaughn, Inc. works with community stakeholder groups, HOA boards, and local government councils and commissioners to maximize the effectiveness of meetings and ensure that all issues and concerns are addressed appropriately.


Marketing and Business Development Training


Effective marketing and business development can bring business in the door, help grow your company or organization, and increase sales and revenues. Linda Vaughn, Inc. teaches marketers and business developers how to identify target clients, make calls, build relationships and win work.




An educated, fresh, outside perspective can breathe new life into stressed, under-performing businesses. Through personalized coaching, Linda Vaughn, Inc. provides insight into the issues that can bog down potentially successful companies and teams.


Business Analysis and Process Mapping


Process mapping improves teamwork by allowing employees to talk with their peers in other departments, rather than complain about them. Efficiency improves as duplication and wasted effort are identified and eliminated. Through analysis and process mapping, Linda Vaughn, Inc. helps utilities and businesses boost performance and leverage resources.